The Multi-Agent Systems Lab


Director: Professor Victor Lesser
Associate Director: Dr. Dan Corkill

The Multi-Agent Systems Laboratory is concerned with the development and analysis of sophisticated AI problem-solving and control architectures for both single-agent and multiple-agent systems. The laboratory, created in 1977, has pioneered work in the development of the blackboard architecture, approximate processing for use in control and real-time AI, and a wide variety of techniques for the coordination of and negotiation between multiple agents. The laboratory has produced over 30 Ph.D.s, and many MASL alums are in influential positions in academia and industry.

In pursuing our research, a number of large testbeds have been developed to evaluate ideas. These testbeds have involved applications in distributed interpretation, distributed network diagnosis, distributed scheduling, planning and resource allocation, concurrent engineering, auditory scene analysis, cooperative information gathering on the Internet, and home automation. Recent work of the laboratory has also begun to emphasize the use of formal techniques to analyze its experimental prototypes, including work on distributed MDPs and distributed Bayesian networks.

The MAS Laboratory is part of the School of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.